Local system

Discover simplicity and efficiency with KeyCom's "Chipcard" systems, designed for easy installation and intuitive laundry use. Choose from single or dual models to meet all your laundry needs.

System for 1 machine

CS 1

System for 2 machines

CS 2

Details for the installer

1 (for one machine)
2 (for two machines)

Number of individual channels

No configuration required before you receive the system. KeyCom will configure everything according to your requirements.


Smart card identification

Identification system

200.- CHF

Maximum amount

Service by KeyCom

After-sales service

User details

No (integrated charging system)

Requires charging device

French, German, English, Italian

Communication languages

No cash at stake

Payment system

Completely free choice

Tariff configuration

Delayed start and removal of crease protection

Additional functions

Loading device

  • Easy card reloading without a loading card (max. amount: Fr. 200.-)
  • Reset card value to zero
  • Total amount charged
  • Display of total amounts deleted/cancelled/reset to zero
  • Can be used as a table-top unit - also wall-mountable
  • Sales and service by the manufacturer