Integrated System

Remote control system for managing and monitoring communal laundry rooms.

A simple, efficient system

If you don’t want your laundry room to lose money you have to keep an eye on a thousand minor details. We have created a single system to deal with all these minor details. You don’t have to put things off nor do you have to hire anyone – you retain complete control over contracts, users, scheduling, use and even over any breakdowns that may occur (by optimizing maintenance).

A system that pays for itself quickly

By contracting with us to manage and collect payment for your laundry rooms you are outsourcing a process that often leads to conflicts, is prone to equipment breakdowns, and causes administrative overhead. You will see how quickly the system pays for itself.

A system that makes life easier

All administrative processes, distributing keys, collecting payment, change of tenants, bookkeeping, etc. are completely taken over by our system.

Advantages of the KeyCom system

  • Compatible with all brands of washing machines and drying systems.
  • Charges can be remotely adjusted (free of cost).
  • Use can be monitored.
  • Eliminates vandalism.
  • Avoids conflicts between tenants – superintendent – administration (scheduling, ease of reloading).
  • Eliminates user fraud or theft, increases profitability.
  • Price transparency.
  • Transfers responsibility to users.
  • More efficient repairs.

Documents for downloading

You can download the following documents.